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You, questions, the “right” ones? Live a full life, ask the right questions!

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Asking the “right” questions

Good day and welcome at iamyourcoach
I was talking the other day with a coache
and we were wondering what it is she would still like to experience.

Whilst wondering that subject and asking her various questions,
she focused on what was wrong, missing, not working in her life.

So we talked about this and I brought ups she might not be asking herself the “right” questions…
What I meant by that,
is instead of asking herself,
what she likes,
what makes her the most happy,
or what inspires her to work upon when looking at the future
she was asking why the world is negative, why there is war, why so many people suffer…

She asked actually a lot of why not’s
instead of asking herself how it can be possible in a positive way.

We went trough that conversation
and I invited her to ask the how can I questions,
the what if’s of possibilities…

She has now worked with that
and it has changed her way of responding and even it seems of looking at things.
Being focused on what’s possible, what we would like, our imagined working future…
has given a change in what’s happened to her and also how she deals with that for the better…

So my ask of you is to ask yourself the “right” questions the coming period and see what happens

Warm regards, iamyourcoach

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