Why is nature so magnificent?

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Good day and from Turkey this time. On average 30-38 degrees Celsius, sun is shining, sometimes a soft cooling breeze takes away the heat. Swimming in salt water, cooling down whilst softly wading trough the water. Drinking Ayran and eating Lamahayun and donner in short relaxing. When driving around see mountains and deniz which is sea as far as your eyes can see. Gullets, small wooden ships floating around in the salty sea.

We visited Celtuc (suspect it’s not written correctly) where trough small streets with cobble stones and small houses you had many wine tasting places with nice fruity and chilled wines, Turkish Kahve and off course a mesmerizing sunset. Want to visit a country with sun, sea and nice food, friendly people turkey is the place to be. Warm regards Misja

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