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Are you stuck? Stressed?
Tired of your repetitive thoughts and actions?
Are you doing depression or disappointment?

Attention Shift?
How to move on

I know the challenges, the feelings related, the self doubt.
Questioning your commitments, you ask yourself
is this really what I want to be doing?
An awful feeling….

How would you like to become relaxed, shift your focus?
Get to the essence of you, find your interests,
what motivates you? Create a purposeful life?

Now I know you might think to yourself,
that’s hard,
it can never be that easy,
I am not capable of doing that
and all these nice conversations we have in our head with our self.
Not helping and not useful.

Perhaps from a historical point of view,
your body & mind would like to keep homeostasis it’s useful
but for your progression and simple to live a great life,
totally not helping you.

And think of this a bit further,
if it’s not helping you, it’s not helping anyone.
When your cranky, insecure, not happy, complaining, nagging
you know all those things which could seem a day job,
do not help to make this a nice environment to live in.

So do not only think of yourself,
when considering change towards a “better” life,
consider all human kind.

So please, I urge you to make the decision NOW
to change our lives for the better.

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