The Miracle of Life, let’s not waste it …

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Good day all, it’s the 24th of December Xmas. I am feeling great. I am listening to all kinds of people with amazing story’s about quantum physics, receptor site physiology, genetics,  focusing your thoughts, living life fully and music. Watched an interview with John Lennon (the last one before he left).

Currently listening to Dr. Joe Dispanza, how to rewire & evolve your brain to experience a new reality. It’s amazing when you hear the information that is known. He shares how come nothing new ever happens in our lives? How come we keep having the same relationships, jobs, the same circumstances keep happening in our lives? how come it seems so routine and predictable ?

Do you create your Day?
If not,
               ask yourself really important questions:

  • what would it be like to be a happy person
  • who do I know in my live that’s happy
  • what would I have to change about myself to live in joy
  • who in history do I admire that was great
  • and at what point did I loose it and believe this is who I ammail nu naar:

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