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Hello good day at iamyourcoach.nl Today or lets say during the last week I have come about many information and lessons to learn. One thing which I liked a lot as it is plain and simple was the sharing from someone regarding BCD.

Yeah BCD and what does that stand for. Birth>Choice>Death.
And if you let that sink in…. for a bit. Look at it from various angles, makes sense. At least to me it does make sense.

So we know we are all born and will die some day.
And the part in the middle is the key thing, which is choice or choices.
Every day we have our lives experiences. And what we experience we tend to label bad or good
and some variations in between. But in essence to me we mostly use bad or good.
So every moment in live, each day we have the opportunities to choose how we want to respond.
And if we do that consciously, we could built in a delay in our response.
Kind of safeguard for our emotions and our reactions on the spot.
And what I would like to have happen in the world is respond from the heart, not the mind.
And respond to the good feelings and if bad feelings are there, reflect and review and live trough those feelings.
Take time to experience / feel them fully, just feeling no need to do anything with it, just feel.
Then regarding the situation at hand, can you do anything about it?
If yes, take action, if no let it be, and point your focus / attention on what it is you would like / want / need (you think). As it’s already been found and checked scientifically and even spiritually, where attention goes, energy grows,
which is a no brainer then to focus on thinks that would make our lives better.
And what does that look like, better lives for us?
That is knowing I am you and you are me.
Although it seems like it we are not separated.
Via our upbringing, mental focus, Ego we get separated and act separated.
We feel attacked, want to be right, and all it brings us is struggle and loneliness.
So lets from the heart, take the positive choices between our birth and death, so we may all experience a great and fulfilling life, where 1+1 = 3 and together we will all make it.
I wish you a great day, warm regards Misja

PS would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts & reflections
on the above and what it means for you via contact@iamyourcoach.nl


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