Imagine waking up to the sound of a hot air balloon, kshhh, kshhh, kshhh. Whilst you look trough your camper roof, all of a sudden you see all those amazing balloons drifting on by!

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It’s July 2021, you are somewhere in Cappadocia, Turkey. It’s about 06:00 am, morning all of a sudden you hear a sound, kshhhh, kshhhhh, kshhhhh it wakes you up. Your brain still foggy, then you try to get out of the bed, the camper van quick. And then you see it, a huge beautiful hot air balloon floating by in silence untill you see the flames 2-3 meters jumping up like wanting to burn the balloon, kshhhh, kshhhh, kshhhh.

You stand outside, watching the Skye and then you realize there is hundreds of balloons, all different colours, amazing.

The backdrop of Capadocia, the skye and those huge balloons will never forget that sight!

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