Down, depressed near burnout or almost reached rock bottom, where on the slope are you?

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Good day and welcome.
Wish you are fine, although I suspect you are not in a good place (mental, physical or both).
Could be you are at the point you only see one way out. And literally only one way out.

How did you came to be here?
And when you are seeing only one way out,
suspect you are either just before the bottom
of your challenges
or at the bottom.

Wherever you are I want you to consider the following thought.
When your at the bottom, the only way is up again.
Which means, it can only get better after the lowest point.
And it can seem like a lot of work and it might be a lot of work,
it is work whilst climbing up.
And when your just before the bottom, that’s the worst point,
it can be a braking point, but realize to keep going to reach true rock bottom,
this so you can work towards climbing up again.

Getting out of the valley of despair.
Realize that suffering in general does not come from the situation we are in,
it mostly comes from how we think about the situation ( I am aware that sometimes the pain is valid and true,
some people are in situations which are horrific
and would need much support in order to easy their suffering).

So please seek help,
contact someone, friends, emergency services
or if no one to speak to me
as just before or at rock bottom the only way is up.
Besides that, our deaths seem to last infinitely longer than our lives on earth,
so bear that in mind before doing anything rash

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