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How am I in relation with myself lately?

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Morning welcome at

I woke up this morning, laying in bed, nicely philosophizing. Just awake, freely observing my thoughts and feelings. First reflected on the nice contact I had the evening before. After which I shifted my focus to the world, what and how shares, where is our world heading towards?

Then on myself. My eyes tired due to the days before (bad rhythm in regards to sleep, eating and drinking), how I managed my energy and the influence by others on me. My impatience and all the things I would like to get going with, wanting instant results. Stretch myself, do a breathing exercise, and already new energy is released in my body, tiredness is leaving my eyes. I listen and hear various birds “talking” outside. Notice the apple I left the day before on a log has been taken by either birds or other animals? Bring my attention back to my body and related energy. It’s fresh / cold where I sleep, feel the cold on my skin… imagine a really nice brown sandwich with butter and backed eggs… yes I am starting to come alive longing for this day… stretch myself completely ahhh and realize I am back in to relation with myself again. I am grateful for me, my body, my health, my live! I wish you a really nice day full off lessons so you may enjoy in gratitude for the life you have chosen…


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