Focus, attention…. where does your attention go?

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Focus, attention. Where does your attention go? Think back to a moment you had a great day? Your at the beach for example, sun is shining. Soft breeze. Lovely, your feet in the warm water cause you are in a warm country, a sunny destination. Great, enjoying.

Or you are in a magnificent forest, beautiful high trees, soft breeze moves the tops of the trees softly. You see the rays of sunshine trough the treetops, braking trough the leaves, beautiful those rays of sunshine. You hear the birds and easily you are walking trough the forest whilst looking around.

Now go back in time to a sad moment, example last time you where at a funeral. The people, the sadness…..

What you now have experienced is I guided you via these stories, I took your attention and steer it to those 3 places. 2 of them were beautiful experiences and the third one a sad experience. And that was done and achieved only via telling you a story, by asking you to go back to earlier experiences. This shows where your attention goes, the energy flows. So focus on good moments and experiences, not on what does not work or you do not want.

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