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Under this section you find coaching (outdoor & Life coaching).

There are more forms of coaching and we have vast experience with many,
having said the above our core focus is on stress reduction and removal to allow for you
stress free living.


The reason for the focus on those subjects specifically,
is our own experience with being overworked, stressed and depressed.
We believe as life seems finite and besides people who had near death experiences,
I do not know what comes next if anything.
So key is to make the most of our lives,
how can we “enjoy” our lives and share that joy with others.

So you are in one off the best places towards your goals.
Check below links and if you would think/feel you would need something different,
please send us a mail with your story and what you would need if we can not support you, we can find who can

Select the sub menu’s to get info on those.

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Outdoor coachinG
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