Experience relaxation…

Welcome to iamyourcoach. Today I was sitting on my balcony. The wind was blowing through the trees nearby and I heard that soft blowing of the wind…. A bird making a cooko sound, some bird’s tjirping….. Really brought my attention back to the environment… relaxing…. […]

Corona, stressfull… ?

How are you doing now corona is the new normal, stressful? Do you recognise being at home, working, your kids making homework or that is the idea. Online meeting still all want attention and there talking to you. STRESSFUL right…? Then all the news, different […]

Focus, attention….

Focus, attention. Where does your attention go? Think back to a moment you had a great day? Your at the beach for example, sun is shining. Soft breeze. Lovely, your feet in the warm water cause you are in a warm country, a sunny destination. […]

See your thoughts as clouds…

Have you ever had such moment… your sitting and then it begins. There they are again, your thoughts. Huge pieces of thoughts, all over the place. Looking back at a day or something that happened last week…. There we go, thinking, thinking, thinking. And thoughts […]