Experience relaxation…

Welcome to iamyourcoach. Today I was sitting on my balcony. The wind was blowing through the trees nearby and I heard that soft blowing of the wind…. A bird making a cooko sound, some bird’s tjirping….. Really brought my attention back to the environment… relaxing…. […]

Focus, attention….

Focus, attention. Where does your attention go? Think back to a moment you had a great day? Your at the beach for example, sun is shining. Soft breeze. Lovely, your feet in the warm water cause you are in a warm country, a sunny destination. […]

Deep or rockbottom

It is early in the morning. Wake up, look at the clock 04.40. Thoughts like a waterfall of negativity….. Trying to sleep, laying, turning, sighing…. Can’t get to sleep, at last I fall asleep for a little bit. Then I wake up again 07:25. Not […]

Crash van de website

Hallo allemaal, vandaag update voor mijn website gedaan, en ….. crashed….. Ik kan daar op 2 manieren mee omgaan: oh wat erg, bla, bla, bla of een mogelijkheid voor heel nieuwe website We gaan voor de nieuwe website, dus welkom en heb je zelf een […]