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How am I in relation with myself lately?

Hits: 50Morning welcome at I woke up this morning, laying in bed, nicely philosophizing. Just awake, freely observing my thoughts and feelings. First reflected on the nice contact I had the evening before. After which I shifted my focus to the world, what and how shares, where is our world heading towards? Then on …


How are you today?

Hits: 65 Hello, good your visiting us. If I could would now like to sit down, cup of coffee, for me cappuccino with beautifully foam with heart shape Cacao on it…. How are you doing? What’s going on in your life? Are you poor, rich, unknown, famous? No matter who or where you are wish …


Focus, attention…. where does your attention go?

Hits: 97Focus, attention. Where does your attention go? Think back to a moment you had a great day? Your at the beach for example, sun is shining. Soft breeze. Lovely, your feet in the warm water cause you are in a warm country, a sunny destination. Great, enjoying. Or you are in a magnificent forest, beautiful …

The Miracle of Life, let’s not waste it …

Hits: 309Good day all, it’s the 24th of December Xmas. I am feeling great. I am listening to all kinds of people with amazing story’s about quantum physics, receptor site physiology, genetics,  focusing your thoughts, living life fully and music. Watched an interview with John Lennon (the last one before he left). Currently listening to …

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