Spring, although not yet spring

Good day all, welcome to iamyourcoach.nl. Last night I spent quality time with my son. We had fun, watched a good movie and relaxed. This morning when I woke up, heard the birds “talk” more birds then normal as the temperature is going up, you hear nature come alive after this short brief winter time. Did you skate on the ice? I did, I lived in the moment. Not thinking but feeling and acting upon what was possible during that short winter time. Nice feeling when you are skating over the ice, wind on your face, getting bit numb cause of the cold, but makes you feel alive.

And today as it’s sunny, walked in forest with my son. And later during the day set in the sun, enjoying the sun on my face. And after that my youngest kid started a fire with friends, which we later joined and set watching the flames flicker, so nice as the sun did set. Perfect day. And suspect many days can be perfect as they all are perfect. The only time when days are not perfect it’s the way we think about them, or comparison we do. When we label the days this or that. But when we live in the moment, being alive, enjoying or experiencing what comes as it comes then you can be more relaxed, in the moment, thankful for this gift called live.

My wish for you is you have similar experiences and I wish you are in a good place. If you are not and in low point of your life please take time to reach out for help. We are not alone and can always ask for help. I wish you good weeks to come and thank you for visiting us. Warm regards Misja

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Looking for help or wish to enhance your live?

Good day, not sure when you arrived on this place on the internet? But nevertheless good you are visiting. You ended up here for a reason, what reason? Let me think this trough… ah you probably typed in words on a search engine related to: coaching, burnout, stress, fully living, depressed, meaning, sense of purpose or your a hacker. If a hacker not sure why you are doing what your doing, I wish it fulfills you (although I suspect not). If your the other who is looking for help or wishes to enhance your life, glad your here.

There are many tools and insights with which we can assist you. And the best possible outcome is when we focus on how you can (learn to) help yourself. It’s probably your thinking which has brought you here and presented you with your challenge. Please realize no matter what we do our time here is finite… So from our perspective it’s key to not “waste” that time that we have. What we would like you to accomplish, is project yourself in the future for example 10 – 20 years. Then look back over those years and what is it you would liked to have experienced, what should those 20 years look like when you reflect on them… use that as a start for creating the life you would like to experience and to start to overcome what it is you are facing today.

Please be aware there are always people around you to help, support you and if you can not make it on your own for know, ask us from iamyourcoach.nl to guide you on your first steps to your life not as you know it, rather as you would like it… (you can visit our page to book a call so we can talk, or send a mail with your ask to: contact@iamyourcoach.nl) We wish you a very good day…

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Live after death? Why…

Today I watched a documentary about live after death. People who had near death experiences and the unexplainable things which they experience in this state of being.

 A woman who came back, afterwards had trouble with the emotional burdens she carried with her. This brought me to the thought about us human beings. And what it is we are looking for or think we need.

For example this beautiful planet we are living on and still we want to discover the universe. We are living on this earth and still we want to make contact with spirits, the afterlife. Why? What will this bring us?

Being in the here and now, enjoy, being grateful for ourselves, the lives we have been given can bring much more peace of mind and satisfaction. The eternal search for meaning, it has to be useful, why are we here… let it go, be here now, enjoy in gratitude. I wish you a wonderful day …

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War, so useless…

yesterday watched 1917, a war in which trenches were used. How many lives have been lost. How much have suffered during these enormous battles. I see the uselessness off it all, jong boys, heroes dying unneeded for what?! Whole families, generations, lives marked by these kind of horrible events. Compared with years ago it has improved a lot although it’s important to not let it happen again by being loving, kind an conscious. And stop aggression in the small things (relations, family, traffic).

what’s your view on this? Please share with me:


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How am I in relation with myself lately?

Morning welcome at Iamyourcoach.nl

I woke up this morning, laying in bed, nicely philosophizing. Just awake, freely observing my thoughts and feelings. First reflected on the nice contact I had the evening before. After which I shifted my focus to the world, what and how shares, where is our world heading towards? Then on myself. My eyes tired due to the days before (bad rhythm in regards to sleep, eating and drinking), how I managed my energy and the influence by others on me. My impatience and all the things I would like to get going with, wanting instant results. Stretch myself, do a breathing exercise, and already new energy is released in my body, tiredness is leaving my eyes. I listen and hear various birds “talking” outside. Notice the apple I left the day before on a log has been taken by either birds or other animals? Bring my attention back to my body and related energy. It’s fresh / cold where I sleep, feel the cold on my skin… imagine a really nice brown sandwich with butter and backed eggs… yes I am starting to come alive longing for this day… stretch myself completely ahhh and realize I am back in to relation with myself again. I am grateful for me, my body, my health, my live! I wish you a really nice day full off lessons so you may enjoy in gratitude for the life you have chosen…

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How are you today?

Hello, good your visiting us. If I could would now like to sit down, cup of coffee, for me cappuccino with beautifully foam with heart shape Cacao on it…. How are you doing? What’s going on in your life? Are you poor, rich, unknown, famous? No matter who or where you are wish you well. And well means mentally and physically well.

I wish that you accept yourself as you are, it’s fine. I wish you joy, love and kindness. Friends with whom you can share, who you can support and can support you. That you are able to enjoy your life so you can be a joy to others. If you somehow find this a challenge, you would need guidance, support a nudge to get going in the right direction for you. Navigate our site and schedule a free consultation call (to experience us and find if this is for you) My kindest regards and wish you a peaceful and joyfull day Misja

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New year?

Good day, welcome at iamyourcoach.nl

Now your here let’s philosophize for a while. What’s with the new year?

New Years resolutions, party, miljons spent on fireworks, accidents, rubbish on the street, get drunk, alone, together but still feeling alone, happy children, nice food, celebrate, friends, letting go… actually each and every day can be like that. Its morning, you wake up, so you are still here, alive and when you have no illness you have even more reasons to be gratefull. Close your eyes for a bit more…hear the birds outside…stretch fully, feel your body, scan your body head to toes, your head, neck, sholders upper back, lower back, your arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers… your hips, upper legs, lower legs, heels, the bridge of your feet, feet, all toes…ahhhhh on your out breath let all unneeded tension and stress go, release on the out breath, yes that’s it, deep breath in…hold…and ahhhhh.

Sit up straight by rolling over your left or right shoulder, eyes still closed, feel your feet on the floor (does it feel cold, warm or ….) you still hear the birds and surroundings…stay like this on the side of your bed, realize you are still alive…and now is the beginning of a new day, all things are possible, moments, experiences, wind with you or against , do not judge experience this day… and be the best version of you, whatever that may be. Don’t feel more or less than others, feel do not judge, experience… and live. Grass grows, birds fly, nature just does its thing by being, start being…

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Good day all, this morning I woke up and the temperature where I was sleeping was approx 3 degrees. Went to sleep much to late but did wake up early. Decided to stay in bed longer to get to the full hours of sleep. Did not work and after contemplation with myself, got up. If I feel tired later on can always take a nap. So here I am sitting on bench, mug of coffee in my hand 😊 Looking out of the window, see a field mouse climbing trough the brushes of wood… Hear various birds some tjirping and some quacking or making other noises. Nice soothing sounds, you could even say cheerful… went back in my thoughts as hour earlier sat on bench outside, noticed small bird with bright red chest, beautifully hopping around, tjirping.., In such moments when I do not think and focus all my attention on my senses whilst watching my surroundings I feel amazingly peaceful and in the now… so from my heart to yours wish you a great and joyfull day !

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Imagine all the people….

Good day all, it’s a Monday morning in the new year. It’s early, could not sleep…wonder how many other people in the world are awake cause of not sleeping, different time zones, or working….. imagine all the people Lennon said, living live in peace…. so I am awake and imagine that. People caring for each other’s, sharing and realizing this is the moment…..the here and know….of being….breathing slowly and deeply, letting all tension go out on the breath…. feeling loose, limp and relaxed…this is our time know to relax deeply….. just let it sink in…. hear the rain on your roof….a bird flying bye…. the wind outside….. ahhh live don’t you love it ….

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Today after during the day having spent time with my son, I was watching a program about villages in the Netherlands, fishing villages they are also called. Several woman born around 1920 shared their stories about how life was during those times. No water, flushing toilets, vacuum cleaners. Electricity, heating. And more. The houses were heated or at least part of it with petroleum and also cooking was done that way. Several times a year the town got flooded due to high water, rough south sea. Most people did not have much money to live from and the girls started working already at early age, no proper schooling. She did share they seemed more happy during those days. And when I did see the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about hot running water. Light at the flick of a switch and more, made me realize (bit ashamed) how much we have these days but we do not realize this. When you walk around town you see many people with no smile on their faces…..

So this year during our Covid pandemic let us focus also on all that we have and can be grateful for and realize the different in standard of living for large part of the population compared to 1900’s

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