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Good day, I wish you all well

Hits: 13Life is on my mind today… And with a good reason. Yesterday we got informed by HR a young woman had passed away. 31 years old. Worked with us for 6 month’s now gone. During that day found other person lost her very good friend last week 58 years old. Double the life span …


Anne Franks House, change in perspective due to VR

Hits: 20Hello I have been investigating VR (Virtual Reality) lately and I must say it has expanded my understanding of history. Given me a new perspective and deeper understanding. So you might ask, how did that happen? I was visiting Anne Franks house in VR. And they made it in a way that it really …


I am grateful to be alive! What about you?

Hits: 31Good day all, welcome nice you are here! I woke up this morning, early and I realized I was alive again at that moment. Then I sat down on the side of the bed and let that thought and related feeling sink in… I am alive, I just woke up. Many people probably did …


Argument? Turns into a fight? Screaming? Why?

Hits: 20 Good day all. Wish you had a great day yesterday and today off course also. Today due to articles I have read would like to share the findings. Actually let me make it easy for us all and also allow the one who wrote it to be in the attention. I have found …


What do you want?

Hits: 8Welcome at iamyourcoach. Great you are here. Let’s jump in it right away (or on it).Let me ask you an importent question, what do you want?If you say I dont know, let me rephrase the question, imagine you would know what you want, what would that look like? If there are no limitations, like …