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Good day all, this morning I woke up and the temperature where I was sleeping was approx 3 degrees. Went to sleep much to late but did wake up early. Decided to stay in bed longer to get to the full hours of sleep. Did not work and after contemplation with myself, got up. If I feel tired later on can always take a nap. So here I am sitting on bench, mug of coffee in my hand 😊 Looking out of the window, see a field mouse climbing trough the brushes of wood… Hear various birds some tjirping and some quacking or making other noises. Nice soothing sounds, you could even say cheerful… went back in my thoughts as hour earlier sat on bench outside, noticed small bird with bright red chest, beautifully hopping around, tjirping.., In such moments when I do not think and focus all my attention on my senses whilst watching my surroundings I feel amazingly peaceful and in the now… so from my heart to yours wish you a great and joyfull day !

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