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I am grateful to be alive! What about you?

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Good day all, welcome nice you are here!
I woke up this morning, early and I realized I was alive again at that moment.
Then I sat down on the side of the bed and let that thought and related feeling sink in…
I am alive, I just woke up. Many people probably did not wake up this morning…

And the great thing, you are also alive as you are visiting

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this.


Just let it sink in, you and me are alive.


You and me are a live.



This complex thing, our body, with all the elements in it and on it, which make it alive
(there are 1014 (which is: 100* 1 milion * 1 milion) of micro-organisms living on & in us, bacteria, viruses & fungi)
Realize the magnitude of the previous sentence,
how much that is and realize that is only part of our gut!

Imagine if you visualize that, it’s like a planet on it’s own.
So not only you woke up this morning, all your guests also woke up
and oh if I could get a cent per bacteria I would be living the life, ha,ha.

Now I do not know if you are in a good place or bad place
(although you are alive still) I do wish you are in a good place.

So to close the reflection:

From my perspective, I am grateful to be alive!
My intention is to enjoy life and as much as possible,
within the limitation that might be there,
create a joyful life and not only for me also for others.
Cause the more people live joyful on this planet,
the more care and kindness will be there.
And that’s what I would like to leave behind
for the generations to come (my son’s and all others).

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In case you would like other subjects, information you can share with us
and if within  our knowledge or if we are able to find that knowledge we can share.

Warm regards, Misja

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