Why Suicide?

Life is worth it

In my life so far have had 2 suicides close to me. One very close the other bit further away. It’s surprising the impact and the surprise as for some you might understand or know but other you got no clue. So you thought life was on track for that person. For some reason although all seemed fine, one day to the other they are gone and this leave you wondering… why? Could I have done anything, what is I….. What it has done for me, when I turned depressed due to work stress, life happening, wanting to be approved, it help me realise the danger I was in.

When you slide in to depression, there comes a time in which you do not feel anything. What that does it makes you not care. You still care for others, but specially not care for your self. And that is a double whammy as the outside world is asking how are you doing and you do not want to be a burden. During such times, ones you got yourself depressed, life seems long, you can feel alone (even weirder, all kinds off people around you and it makes you feel even more alone).

Those are the times, depressed, not caring for yourself, feeling alone when the opportunity comes along to step out of life you might take it. Please, please, please do realise as I did, once your down, the only way is up….. so do not take decisions in that kind of state. Arrange for yourself to take it easy. Same as if you would be drunk, loosing control of your thinking and physical parts, not the best time to decide to drive a bit… So at such moment find help, take care of yourself and find people who can help you (someone who can listen, or medical support) as life is precious and as far as I know it happens ones in the state your currently in, so if you throw it away, it’s gone. Key tip is to not do what I did, try to do it on your own, act tough which almost let to full burn out. So seek help, find a listening ear (these days you have help lines for that) and case needed can contact us at iamyourcoach.nl

PS always think off the song for the series Mash, Suicide is painless but from my personal experience it’s definitely not painless and a specially not for the ones left behind….

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