Coincidence… or not?

Sheep and Timmy

Today got up early in the morning. Plan was to walk in the Forrest and desert like place on the Veluwe in the Netherlands. Wanted to bring my son of 7, so we both got up 06:15 CET. Also Zubeyde woke up, my wife and decided to join.

We drove there and while driving there spent time to listen to inspiring lecture from Matthieu Richard. His talk in relation to action for happiness. A talk about meditation, mindset and his experiences. Contemplating on it now I notice that whilst driving and listening to this lecture, my son was fine and calm, my wife was quiet and focused and actually made the trip very relaxed. When we arrived and got my backpack filled with Water, fruit and our jackets we got going. Plan from my end was to take the 8 KM route, but that turned out to be bit much. So we walk and passed trough really nice scenery’s, landscapes. With small dune like hills, with nice treas on them. wide space with Sand. Then trough forest. In order to also please our 7 year old Timmy, we took a turn from the path to be on the sand hill’s. There he took of his shoes and nicely ran around on those hills while we took a cup of tea. He discovered a nice looking bug, climbed a great tree from which he could jump from high back on the sand. Then we heard sounds, blahh, blah, blaaahh, a sheep herder was coming with his 2 sheep dogs and a flock of sheep. Was great to see and hear those sheeps.

Nice Clouds

Although wanted to after a break with tea and syrup waffle continue, we decided to turn back the same path we came on. We turned to a place where normally Timmy plays and roles down from the hill in the sand. We set there, meditated a little bit when 2 man came walking bye and said hello. We started talking and from one it let to another… so we came to talk about burn out, reintegration coaching and what’s important in life and how it all began our programmed patterns. It was a really nice beginning of the day, and inspiring which we would have missed if we did not get up that early to walk in the nature……… probably not coincidence

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