How to stay motivated, what you can do and what you should do…

like minded people

Good day, today is Monday. You know the day from the song I dont’s like mondays, from the boom town rats. Why do some not like Mondays? What is in the head of people who don’t like Mondays. It’s just a day, which once was decided upon to be named Monday. Depending on the idea could have been called anything else. It’s just a moment in time (which does not exist and is also invented or imagined), but for some reason we can attach a profound strong emotional meaning to that particular day.

Is it not amazing how we humans have made up this world so far…. All the things we have created as human kind. Some great, some less great. Beautiful buildings, paintings, art…. And yet when I then look at a shell from the sea, how amazing those are. The shapes, colours. Nature, some birds, look at their colours, beautiful. And yeah how can it be right? How does an ant know to become ant? Why is an orange tree, like it is and produces oranges, it always does, why? This program or algorithm or coding, what created life? What is behind it all.

So when you think about its amazing. And then you have to go to work, be in a traffic jam or these days with Corona in a video jam, congested networks and see how you can sell stuff to each others or how you can cooperate to create win/win. Where you get your motivation from? Just do your best, do not take it all to serious, cause in the grand schema of it all, it probably does not matter. Key thing is to enjoy, support each others and have fun. Off course depending on your personal situation (health, Love, wealth, Joy) could be there are challenges. Take your time to focus on your breathing, reset or clear your mind during the day and make the most of it.

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