Deep or rockbottom

It is early in the morning. Wake up, look at the clock 04.40. Thoughts like a waterfall of negativity….. Trying to sleep, laying, turning, sighing…. Can’t get to sleep, at last I fall asleep for a little bit. Then I wake up again 07:25. Not looking forward at the day. I feel like dead inside. Put on my mask like I am alive. Home, work, people, feel nothing or feel gloominess. All around a feeling of why…. cannot enjoy, feel only nothing…empty….death….like a robot going through the day, respond to people, respond like your normal, like our life. Lonely but cannot share that, people do not understand. If you share, you get all kinds of stories why life is worth it. Focus on things which are worth it. Only I am nothing, empty, death on the inside so nothing is worth is, all is difficult a struggle and the road seems long…when there is no light at the end of the tunnel…

There is enough to take care of yourself, shift your focus on feeling well from all kinds of sources. If you find it a challenge it takes only one step to get going. Take that step by scheduling a no-cost discovery call in which we can share how we can assist you with relaxing, re-focusing which will result in reducing your issues.

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