Good morning world, it’s Friday. The day before the weekend (unless you are working in shifts or …. A truck driver or for example in a Restaurant…..?) In short there are many jobs in which people do not work the standard 5 working days and have the Saturday and Sunday off. In the car, off to work, Friday ah tonight I can do what I want because I do not have to get up early. What shall I do? Who is off? Or lay on the coach nicely, watch some TV. The Gym? Getting something to drink. It all seems like standard patterns. And then once home, empty after a day’s work, the driving to work. TV on and zap from channel to channel and falling asleep…… And now at the end of your life you are reflecting on the past years and realize I wish I worked less, watched less TV, hang less on the couch hang out more with friends, visited family. And move more, relaxed more (meditation, walking) in short I wish I had spent my time more on things that truly matter in life……

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